Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist in the development, testing and sample preparation of new products for the led drive power supply.
2. New parts of the new parts collaboration plant to find, test, specification confirmation.
3. Assist the staff of the LED division to complete the design and development tasks assigned by the superiors on time, and cooperate with the application, modification and testing of the new product safety regulations.
4. Write technical parameters and materials for the prototype process, as well as the final production of various technical documents and various documents to be done during the development of all new products.
5. Responsible for the testing and reliability verification of the electronic parts related to LED products.

job requirements:
1. Have actual power supply design experience for 2 years and above,
2. With the design of led constant current power supply, design and installation lighting engineering experience is preferred.
3. Understand various lighting standards and be familiar with LED lighting applications.
4, skilled use of CAD, PROTEl99, PS and other software
5, familiar with optical knowledge
6. Bachelor degree or above

please send your resume to: human_resource@edgelight.com