Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for software development and debugging of MCU & DSP in LED drive power, familiar with DALI system and DMX system;
2. Responsible for prototype production, programming (including the program of upper computer and lower computer), debugging and design verification work, including project schedule planning and arrangement, evaluation of new electronic components, testing, verification, etc. Process and productivity evaluation of design products, various types of design verification tests, etc.
3. Responsible for the production, confirmation, update and storage backup of product design documents;
4. Cooperate with hardware engineers to develop new products;
5. Responsible for the realization of the digital control algorithm of the switching power supply;
6. Other work assigned by the superior.

job requirements:
1. Electronic information, automation, software engineering related majors, bachelor degree or above; good English;
2. Understand the digital algorithm of closed-loop control of power electronic products, familiar with various fieldbus technologies, familiar with various communication protocols such as RS485, Modbus, I2C, etc. It is especially good to understand the knowledge related to power carriers;
3. Digitalized or single-chip control in the field of ups, inverters, inverters or other switching power supplies;
4, love the research and development of switching power supply, familiar with the design of peripheral digital circuits;
5. More than 3 years working experience in MCU development is preferred.

please send your resume to: human_resource@edgelight.com